The Shadows On The Wall


This work of flash fiction chain is a collaboration between fellow bloggers living in different continents and Jithin of ProTraBlogger. The picture above is just one of his inspiring photographs. Give his wonderful blog a visit by clicking HERE.

This is the second part of the story and it is best to read Part I by Sweety to understand the flow of the story.

Character list :

1.Margaret or Maggy , a 19 year old  girl , out to search for some truths.

2.Steve – The caretaker of the mansion , a man in his fifty’s

3.Robert– The house cook


The Shadows On The Wall

Part II

The night outside the house was filled with stridulating sounds from the crickets and the croaking of crows when Margaret opened her eyes as the loud shriek startled her from her sweet slumber. The full moon illuminated the dead night as the shadow of the tree’s branches from the yard, swayed in enchantment on the yellow wall adjacent to her bed, and this too, was very unsettling. She breathed out her relief in a heavy sigh when she realised that it was just shadow. She has calmed down but the scream was too real to ignore and to go back to sleep.

“It must be an intruder,” Maggy thought to herself. “No. Thieves are quiet! Don’t be stupid Margaret,” she shook her head as she said her thoughts out loud and scolded herself for being silly.

She flicked the switch of her bedside lamp only to find that the lights were out. The hard maple and birch wooden floor felt cold on Maggy’s bare feet as she walked slowly and stealthily across her room and towards the door. As much as she would want to stay silent, the door betrayed her as it creaked loudly when she pulled the wooden door open.

“If this is a movie, this is probably the part where the audience would yell at the screen, telling the actor how stupid she is for going out of the room. Self-preservation should be top priority,” she whispered to herself.

She was partially leaning on the wall for support and guidance as she walked along the long dark corridor. Her hand found a light switch along the way and flicked it but the power was still out. She was holding onto the wooden railings as she descended the stairs. The scream came from downstairs but she did not know where. Then she heard the sound of shattering glass from the kitchen. She felt her epinephrine shoot up. Her eyes widened in the dark. Her heart raced faster and she could feel it go up her throat. Margaret passed by the living room and picked up a lamp on a corner table for her to throw at the thief if it comes down to confronting him. “At least, I won’t be too defenceless,” she said to herself as she headed towards the kitchen.

The moonlight was bright enough to illuminate the half of the kitchen room. There was someone standing by the sink and he has something in his hand and it looked like a gun. He was tall and to Margaret, he looks like that he has a sturdy physique. She was observing him from the dark corner. She figured she could take him down whilst his back is turned from her. He won’t even see her coming.

She tiptoed her way towards the man whilst holding the lamp over her head, ready to knock him out. But her plan of being discreet came to an end when she hit the chair and she almost stumbled and lost balance. The man turned and saw her.

“Hey!!!” the man said as he turned around.

“Oops!,” was the only word that came out from her dry mouth. She threw the lamp at the man’s head before he could inch closer to Margaret or shoot her. The ceramic body of the lamp shattered as it meets with the man’s head. He fell down with a loud dull thump on the wooden kitchen floor.

She leaned towards the sink to grab a knife but before she could do so, the man got hold of her ankle. She tried to free herself from his grip by kicking him but the man was very tenacious. She could barely move her foot but she was determined to free herself from him.

“Hey!” the man said as he yanked on her ankle. He somehow loosened his grip and Margaret managed to release herself from him. She was about to give him another good night blow on the head, with her foot this time, when the lights suddenly came to life.

“MARGARET!!! STOP IT!” the man said as he managed to catch Maggy’s foot before it landed on his face.

Margaret gasped and her face softened when she realised who the man was.

“Rob?” she said in disbelief.

“Hi,” he said as he relaxed and closed his eyes.

“I’m so sorry. I thought you were an intruder and I heard a girl scream,” she said apologetically as she kneeled on the floor beside Rob and examined his head for a cut.

“Yeah? Ummm… that was me. Sorry I woke you up,” Robert said and laughed awkwardly. He massaged his temple with his palm as he chuckled.

“I did not recognise you. You look different!” she added.

“I was fat. I know.” His dimple showed as he smirked and looked at Maggy with his hazel eyes.

“You were just a wee chubby,” she said unconvincingly.

“Chubby would be an understatement Maggy,” he said as he laughed and maintained his smirk. Blood filled Margaret’s cheeks and she looked away hoping Robert wouldn’t notice her flush.

“What are you doing here in the middle of the night?” she said changing the subject.

“I wasn’t able to eat dinner and join you because I had to go to town and get something. I came down to grab some snack before heading to bed,” he said waving the banana on his other hand.

“OHHH! I thought you were armed with a gun,” she said with a trace of embarrassment in her voice.

“Yeah? BANGGG!!! You’re dead.” Robert said as he held the banana with both hands like a pistol and pointed it at Margaret as he said that. She laughed at their silliness. “It’s great to see you again Maggy. You’re more beautiful than I remember,” he said as he sat up whist looking into the glimmering colour of her emerald eyes. Margaret grabbed his arm which felt firm under her grip as she helped him sit upright and they sat with their backs on the kitchen drawers.

“Again, I’m really sorry about your head,” Margaret said apologetically as she noticed a tattoo on his nape and the now more prominent bruise on Robert’s temple. “I’ll get some ice,” she said as she stood up.

There was something about Robert that she couldn’t avert her eyes off. He might be eight years older than her but there is that rule that is not written anywhere but is widely known that girls mature faster than boys. He saw her glancing at him from behind the fridge door and smiled. Margaret smiled back subtly as she suppressed her giddy emotions for him but her cheeks betrayed her again. She gave him the ice pack and started picking up the broken pieces of the lamp.

Margaret felt an icy breeze caress her nape and it made the fine hairs on her body stand up. It was in the middle of summer and the windows were shut. She turned her head and looked at Robert. He was sitting very still, pressing his back hard on the drawers as he held up his index finger over his pursed lips, telling her not make a sound. He turned his gaze on the kitchen doorway and Margaret’s green eyes followed and gaped at a moving shadow that belonged to no one in the room.

Then in a blink, the lights died again leaving only a pair of glowing red eyes, floating in the kitchen doorway…

The next events in the story will be given life by this brilliant writer named Saya.  Stay tuned for more! Thank you for reading. 🙂 Registered & Protected  S8DD-YZ9Y-ODSW-BAGB


61 thoughts on “The Shadows On The Wall

  1. I loved it… The romance between Rob and maggy is heart tingling , but the way finished your part with an additional mystery , leaves me wanting more !! Amazing…hats off to you ‘The traveling hat’ ! 😀

    1. Thank you my dear! I’m excited to know if their budding romance would continue. I can’t wait to read what’s in store for us tomorrow or later. Can’t really tell because the time difference. Thank you for welcoming me in the team. I love what you wrote! It was beautifully written! 😀

      1. Aww..thanks dear 🙂 It is always such a pleasure working with ‘brilliant writers !’ 😛 We are so glad to have you..and yes I am equally curious about the romance 😉

      2. Cheers to Rob and Maggy! 😉 I’m happy to be part of this clique 🙂 If you don’t mind me asking,how long have you all known each other? It seems like a wonderful group of people. You’re all warm and welcoming. 😀

      3. Oh..that is so sweet of you ! You would be surprised to know that some of us have known each other since only a fortnight or less… And I have known a few others for only about three or four months (which is when I began blogging ! )So you need not worry…we are all new comers…well at least most of us 😉 In fact this flash fiction chain itself is only born recently …. 🙂

      1. 🙂 thanks sweetheart…and btw you don’t feel rusty at all…you’ve fit in perfectly in the chain..

  2. Loved the element of romance along with the mystery. The story was very vivid with the little details adding colour. Writers coming after you have plenty of stuff to work on.

    1. Thank you! I love what you wrote for The Enchanting Light! I love how you described the events and places! 😀 I can’t wait to find out which details the next writers choose to use. It wonderful to read something that would connect the idea of an author to another author’s concept. I love it when it makes sense 😀

    1. Ahoy there Rashmi! I’m not sure if you know the movie 3 Idiots, but it is one of my favourite movies of all time! And every time someone tells me they are from India, I’m somehow compelled to tell them that. hehe 😀

  3. Oh this is wonderful ..!!
    You brought the romance and then again clicked back to the suspense 🙂
    Good writing style too 🙂
    Keep writing more ..!!!

      1. Oh you could call me Sam 🙂 and you’re welcome..!! 😀
        I think I have to be calling you “the travelling hat” 😛

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